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ABA Services
Ages 0-21

Therapy Associates ABA Services provides high quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with a diagnosis of Autism. Services are provided in your home or elsewhere by trained practitioners with programming and supervision by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Therapy Associates accepts most insurance plans including Horizon BCBS, Out of State BCBS, United Healthcare, Oxford, ComPsych, Aetna and Cigna.

Early Intervention
Ages 0-3

Therapy Associates is an Early Intervention System Comprehensive Agency. Our agency believes in a team approach where the family members and therapists work together in the best interests of the child. We currently refer therapists who provide high quality speech, occupational and physical therapy, developmental intervention and social worker services to hundreds of children throughout northern New Jersey.

“Catherine’s techniques were so child friendly that Mia didn’t even realize she was learning... The public school OT evaluator said that Mia must have had an amazing OT because her skill set at his age is way above most children we see. Her OT did an amazing amount of work with her”


“Laura, I believe, is our family’s gift from G-d… She taught our daughter how to play, share, talk, and process the world around her…. Her positive outlook and no nonsense approach along with her know how leaves me with only two words: THANK YOU.”


“Veronica kept Amelia engaged every second, and she knew just when she needed a break, and when to push her. This was vital for me to see, because I was able to learn that I could push Amelia too. Because of Veronica’s work, Amelia met every single physical therapy goal. Amelia still asks for Veronica, and when there is a knock on the door she runs, and hopes it’s her. She truly excelled.”


“I am confident that without the high quality of service that the therapist provided during her ABA therapy sessions my son would not have made the significant progress that he has and would not be performing as successfully in school as he is.”


“The therapist’s extensive knowledge of her profession enabled her to not only help Daniella make progress, but also to educate my husband, my mother and myself about what we could do to reinforce the skills that she taught her.”


“I just wanted to reach out to your organization to rave about our experience with your EI instructors. Their work with my daughter Violet over the past year has been nothing short of spectacular...The child I see today is a completely different child from 14 months ago...I am in awe at what they have been able to accomplish is such a short period of time. You have extremely qualified individuals working for your organization, who are genuinely making a difference in children’s lives. From the bottom of my heart, a thousand thank yous.”